バンコクの出張で出会ったケニヤ人に、ホームページもインスタもに日本語だけじゃあわからないよ。と言われ、ハッとしたので 英文でも書いてみることにしました。

I met a Kenyan on a business trip to Bangkok and he told me that he couldn’t understand my homepage and Instagram if I only wrote in Japanese. So I decided to write English sentences alongside as well.


「スマホのMy SOS(入国者健康居所確認アプリ)の画面を見せてください」





いわばこれが僕のMy SOSだ。


“Please show me the screen of your My SOS (the immigration health whereabouts app) on your smart phone.”
When I got off the international flight from Bangkok, I was surrounded by a lot of loudly yelling attendants.
“The route is this way. Please go straight ahead,”
they said, standing every five meters or so to guide me. There was no way to make a mistake, because there was a straight aisle with no turn.
A large number of people are gathered to prevent corona infection.
Have I gotten wandered into the filming of Monty Python’s new movie?

I decided to assume that they were providing a place to work for those who had lost their jobs at the airport, and silently followed their instructions. Incidentally, in both India and Thailand, which I visited after Corona, the response at the airport was much smoother and smarter.

In the past, Japan’s economic growth continued by incorporating the individual into the organization. The education we have received has been consistent in the direction of killing the individual, making people fit into the whole, and not questioning the rules. Thus, although we have the language of the organization, we have grown up without developing the individual thinking and speaking skills necessary to interact with an unknown society and world. Watching the staff at the airport, I couldn’t help but think that the system of national unity that has supported Japan since the end of World War II has become rusty and is now inevitably fraying.

After a long time since my last visit to Bangkok, I felt as if I had gradually come to understand the true nature of the discomfort I had felt in Japan over the past two years as I was blown by the wind outside. After a short time back home, I, too, have become accustomed to life in Japan and have begun to go about my usual life in a busy manner.

I am writing this to remember how I felt at that time.

This is my SOS, so to speak.